Tinsel Town Sales Secrets

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Sales Diva Patty Rappa @GlampreneurGirl


Hey guys!  So excited.  Here’s my very first Podcast, Vanity Girl Radio, and I chatted with one of my favorite business chicks, Patty Rappa.   I promised at least 5 Sales Secrets, but as I thought … she overdelivered 🙂

She and Beverly Macy encouraged me to start my own radio show after they interviewed me on theirs, so here I am!

TIP:  Hang out with other business people who encourage you to “shine your light” too.  There’s enough to go around 🙂

More later! xo Maxine

SEO Tips and Tricks Los Angeles


Here's a Real Vanity Girl posting her Vanity on my Instagram page!

Here’s a Real Vanity Girl posting her Vanity on my Instagram page!

LA Web Professionals Group & SEOSeminarLosAngeles.com… Tickets, Santa Monica – Eventbrite.

Hey Beauty, Lifestyle and WeHo Entrepreneurs!  

Everyone kinda knows me for my Social Media Swirl … but a lot of the reason I do that is to build my organic traffic to my site.  All of those efforts account for roughly  60% of my traffic and my conversions.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I KNOW that all of that content, and Instagram and videos helps ALL along the Sales Funnel… How do I know?  Because my Vanity Girls TELL me … “I saw so and so’s video … ” and just check out my Instagram.  You can see for yourself.

Anyway, I saw this workshop and it looks really good to me!  If you feel like going too – use maxine-discount and get a discount.

S-E-O you there (okay … bad pun.  Couldn’t help myself.

xo Maxine