Most Creative Businesses in West Hollywood

Creative City Awards: Honoring Innovation in Business | West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce | West Hollywood, CA.

Artwork by Ruben Esparza of Red Studios

Tonight, the Chamber will honor some of the most creative business in West Hollywood.  Some of our faves have been nominated.  Last year, Vanity Girl was nominated for Creative Communications, for the way that I’ve been able to put my brand on the map — with a little bit of Online Fame plus a little bit of Offline elbow grease.  I lost out to a little known company called HBO (hello!), but honestly!  That was truly a case of, “I’m just happy to be nominated!”

At any rate, this year I found myself behind the camera, producing some of the pre-event pieces and even working on capturing the night.  More of that to come – but in the meantime make sure to click on the link above to see if one of your favorite WeHo Businesses have been nominated!


Nominee Marco Pelusi on Vanity Girl Radio

VIDEO:  Nominee Ruth Tittle and her Sample Saturday Health Fair

VIDEO:  Vanity Girl Hollywood wins Economic Development Award



Fragola Showroom: Upscale clothing … discount prices

So, a couple of weeks ago the ladies of FourPlayGo (@mrsoaround the world @lolastravels and @jetsetextra) and I did a whole glam makeover and photo shoot with some of my favorite West Hollywood Glam Makers.  Maleeza of Fragola Showroom supplied venue, clothes, shoes and campagne;  Charles Hopkins did the photography; Cat did the syling; and Lyric did hair & makeup.  Celebrity jeweler David outfitted us in jewels.  Photos from that shoot are coming … and here are some from the entire trip.

I really wanted them to feel MY West Hollywood … i.e. Vanity Girl For the Day!

If you want in on the action, Maleeza is having an IN-SANE sale this weekend.  Designer names … low low prices.  Tell her VanityGirl sent you and Happy Shopping!  Make sure to Instagram me if you pick anything up @VanityGirlHollywood.



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High Intensity Training in West Hollywood

MALLA Fitness

MALLA Fitness

I have Fitness ADD.  My consistent workout (3 days a week) is a personal circuit on the Whole Body Vibration machine followed by a 30 minute session in an Infra Red Jade Sauna with Jacob @fbe in West Hollywood.  I have lost 25 lbs and kept it off now for months.

But I always like to mix things up … add things in … try new things.  We have to stay challenged and in a town like West Hollywood, we have access to the latest, coolest workouts.

Enter MALLA.

It was a workout created by warriors in India, and then used by athletes in Europe.  Scientists got a hold of it, and perfected it.  And now it’s here.

I took a class at my old stomping ground Fitness Factory with founder (and fellow Filipina) Claire Wright from the UK.  There were 6 of us, on this pole apparatus going through the routine set to some very cool music.  Short bursts of high high intensity cardio bursts were interspersed with pole moves.  Pools of my sweat ended up on the platform that was holding up pole.    New muscles were sore … all in all, I really liked it and I can do ANYTHING for 30 minutes.  I love effective, 30 minute workouts like this. .

So get this – Claire is looking for New Recruits and Brand Ambassadors right now to help get the word out.  So if you are a Blogger or YouTubers, male or female and are based in LA and feel like taking on a 2 week challenge … leave a comment below!

Here’s to your summer bod –

Maxine @VanityGirl

P.S.  Will you be at WeHo Pride this weekend? If so, please look for me on the West Hollywood Chamber car — I think I feel like wearing a tiara to celebrate the launch of the new Eat Shop Play program … 


Firm Body Evolution

So, I’m just wrapping up my first week here at Firm Body Evolution and starting on Week #2.  I really like it.  I have self-professed Fitness ADD and with all of the great offerings here in West Hollywood – I get to experience some of the best facilities and trainers in all of LA.

What I like so much about FBE is that it’s really addressing the stress levels in my life.  Like most female entrepreneurs – my health and fitness takes a back seat when things get tough.  And I could literally feel my cortisol levels rising along with my stress.

So, I started doing the 10/20/30 method with Jacob aka the yogis yogi, and it has helped make me feel so much more centered.  The other wellness toys & treats that I have tried so far include:

  • The helix.  It’s a lateral trainer and I’ve seriously never done any movement on a cardio machine like it.  I like it because it really feels like it’s targeting the butt and thighs.
  • The vibration machine.  It was really scary at first, but going on session #4 with Jacob has me doing one-legged squats, balance drills and all kinds of other cool stuff.
  • The body composition analysis.  I love, love, loved this.  Basically, it takes your weight and also tells you what your muscle mass is, water weight, etc.  Totally nerd cool.  It also told me I need 1483 calories a day to maintain my weight, which is such great info!
  • Hip Rotator:  This was kind of like those back massage chairs except it focuses on your hips.  Mine tend to get pretty tight and I was having lower back issues, so I liked this a lot.
  • Infra Red Jade Sauna:  LOVE this!  After the helix and the one-on-one vibration/training/yoga session with Jacob, I get to detox in the Infra Red Jade Spa.  It boasts a whole host of body rejunvenating benefits … and all I know is I literally have seen a noticeable difference in how I am able to manage all the stress in my life right now because of it.  I LOVE it.  I want to marry it.  Seriously, if (I mean WHEN!) I become uber rich, I want one of these in my house (they do sell them BTW).  And I don’t even really like regular saunas, so that tells you a lot!

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I’ll keep you posted on my FBE journey and in the meantime, take a peek at the video that Jourdan just made on their HCG diet (did you see Dr. Oz’ recent episode on the HCG diet?)

What about you?  Have you tried some new fitness things out lately? Share share share!


Maxine @VanityGirl