How to style your makeup room …

White Vanity

via Vanity Girl Hollywood on Facebook.

This white Broadway table top vanity found a home with #RealVanityGirl of OC Tara Maresa.  I love the framed photos of some of her favorite brands (Chanel is one of my faves too!) and this sleek little desk with storage tuft seating.

Tara also won tickets from us to the PhamExpo where Paw Pallette and Charmed Cosmetics used our vanities to bling out their trade booths.  I can’t wait to hear what some of her favorite things were from that show.



Vanity Mirror for a Wardrobe Room at a Multi Media Company


Our team just got a call from NYC from a Production Manager tasked with finding the perfect Vanity Mirror for a wardrobe room for their privately held multi-media company. It looks like he’s going to choose our Vanity Desk with Casters and a Starlet Table Top Mirror to give them a couple of options when filming. We love when people go searching for a Vanity Mirror to complete their wardrobe, makeup and hair needs for onset talent and stumble across our VanityGirlHollywood site! Lights, camera, Vanity Baby!