Stay: Lady Sarojin Resort in Khao Lak Thailand


This was one of the coolest parts of our Thailand sojourn. The opportunity to ride, feed and swim with elephants is definitely on my Top 10 Jetset experiences thus far. Check out my friend Mary Anne’s account on JetsetExtra (I make a couple of guest appearances in her article as she often does in mine, lol).

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What about you?  What was your favorite experience in Thailand?  Please share it with us!



Play :: Oktoberfest in Santa Monica, CA

Fan Fave Chris Crary (Top Chef, Season 9) works the grill at Viceroy in Santa Monica. (Photo Credit:  Maxine's Instagram @vanitygirlhollywood)

Fan Fave Chris Crary (Top Chef, Season 9) works the grill at Viceroy in Santa Monica. (Photo Credit: Maxine’s Instagram @vanitygirlhollywood)

Please enjoy my most recent post for uber-cool travel website! 

According to Wikipedia, Oktoberfest is:

“… a 16-day festival celebrating beer held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, running from late September to the first weekend in October. It is one of the most famous events in Germany and is the world’s largest fair, with more than six million people from around the world attending the event every year.” It’s also something we Angelenos like to celebrate.  From Alpine Village in Carson, CA to the swanky pool area of the Whist at the Viceroy in Santa Monica, we like to swig beer and eat bratwurst too!  So last Sunday, my friend Mylene and I headed over to the Kelly Wearstler-designed Whist, and right as the sun was setting watched as uber-cute chef Chris Crary grilled homemade sausages on an outdoor grill.  Do you remember him?  He was the fan fave on Season 9 of Top Chef.

And to wash it all down?  House-brewed beer.  Tony (who was an integral part of the beer-making process) proudly visited our poolside table with bottle in hand and explained each brew to us.  It really made me appreciate beer on a whole new level.   He served it as a flight (which I always love, sounds so much more elegant than “double-fisting”, nest ce pas?):

Hefeweizen: This lovely brew featured notes of light wheat, tropical fruit, ripe banana, brewed with grains of paradise and of course, hints of lemon.

Kolsch: The second in our brew trifecta was a medium-bodied, German-style beer.  It was slightly more hoppy and finished with complex fruit notes.

Dunkelweizen: Anchoring the experience was a dark wheat using German yeasts.  It was slightly malty, bready, and toasty, which made it a perfect complement, in my opinion, to these gorgeous pretzels.

These pretzels paired beautiful with the final brew in our beer flight. (Photo credit Maxine's Instagram @vanitygirlhollywood)

These pretzels paired beautiful with the final brew in our beer flight. (Photo credit Maxine’s Instagram @vanitygirlhollywood)

It had been a few years since I dined al fresco at The Whist at the Viceroy, Santa Monica.  I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

The Whist @ The Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica

1819 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 260-7511

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Play :: Bachelorette Party Gifts in WeHo


OK – this is an 18 and over post, but part of the rite of passage into marriage – is the bachelorette party. Depending on how naughty or nice you feel like going – The Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood could help you pick up just the right items to make the bride-to-be blush.

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