Vanity Girl and the Miss USA Pageant

Miss Connecticut crowned Miss USA 2013 via MSN News

So I just got back from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  The hotel was even more sparkly than usual, as 51 bona fide US beauty queens and a bevy of teen hopefuls and others descended on the Vegas property to watch Miss Connecticut, Erin Brady, win the coveted title.  What I especially loved about her, is that she proudly talked about her math roots, and her “secret glamour” side.

We all have it… this secret glamour side. I was actually invited to Vegas by my friend, celebrity MUA and author, Kenetia Lee who works with the Trump Organization.  She put together a brand new workshop called Confidently Beautiful and it was attended by many  Miss Teen USA hopefuls and other women and girls, some who pageant and others who don’t, around what Confidently Beautiful means to them.

She invited me to be a panelist along with 2012 Miss USA Nana Meriwether, Cathryn Kennedy of St. Jude’s, Dorothy Evans Miss USA Fitness Expert and Dr. Lisa Palmer of Florida to serve as role models and share our very honest journeys with the attendees.  It also confronted us about our own personal journey with that elusive question of “what is confidently beautiful?

It makes a lot of sense.  A large majority of my Vanity Girl customers are young teens, just coming into their own when it comes to beauty, body image and confidence.  Yes, we love our makeup.  But we also love what makes us beautiful on the inside, flaws and all.

I was very honored to share my story.  I was even more honored when these bright and beautiful young women, and some of their mothers who beautifully are still launching some of their dreams, came up to me afterwards to share their own entrepreneurial dreams and ask my advice on their burgeoning projects!  It’s honestly my favorite part, whenever I speak, to get a little of that one-on-one time afterward and hear if something I said resonated and fanned a little fire inside someone’s heart.

I also learned so much from my fellow panelists.  Here are just a couple of very quick takeaways I learned from these accomplished and beautiful women:

Nana:  She is sooooo accomplished at such a young age.  I was inspired by how she turns “haters” and naysayers into fuel for her dreams.

Lisa:  Balance.  She is such a proponent for taking care of yourself and setting healthy boundaries for yourself and your loved ones.

Cathryn:  Kindness.  As a CFO type, she would seem to be all about the financial bottom line, but it was her humanity that struck me most.

Dorothy:  Loving the skin in your in.  No matter the shape and size, there is always room to take care of your physical body.

Kenetia:  Be Fearless.  Bold.  Beautiful and Free.

So Kenetia, thank you for inviting me and giving me a platform to share my Vanity Girl story.  To the other panelists, thank you for sharing your stories (yes, even the ugly parts!) and wisdom with everyone, and most of all, to those beautiful, shiny teen faces who attended, thank you for listening and I AM SO EXCITED to see what’s next for all of you.


Maxine @VanityGirl

Pink & Black Vanity Room

via Facebook – Vanity Girl Hollywood @Beautifly Samantha

This Real Vanity Girl waited until her white office chair came in to share her photo with us via Facebook.  I love the pink walls and her whimsical use of Betty Boop in the space. I often see Marilyn Monroe and Hello Kitty, but I think this is the first time I saw Betty!

Note her super organized plastic totes on her book shelves and a magnifying mirror on the desk.  That’s great for “up-close” work like lashes and liner.


Maxine @VanityGirl 

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Maxine @VanityGirl at Perez Hilton’s Pajama Party

I love my JetsetExtra family.  Not only do I get to go on location with them, but as their Hollywood Insider I cover a lot of fun events and Red Carpets here in Tinsel Town.

And say what you want about Perez Hilton, he has taken celebrity blogging to a whole other level AND is a personality in his own right.  As a new Dad, he’s definitely showing a kinder, softer side and have you seen the bod lately?  Someone’s been hittin’ the gym in-between midnight feedings!

Anyhoo – we were invited to his Birthday Party which he did Pajama Style.  It was a lot of fun, here were some of the highlights:


The Elmo Onesie was a big hit with the guys.

Adrienne Maloof was Über sexy with a La Perla nod to Old School Hollywood Glam.

Sassy MJ of Shahs of Sunset was in head to toe Victoria Secret and Loubitans.

Jetset Stylist Jeannie Mai wore her pajama pants from Vietnam and a bustier and white jacket.

Jordan Sparks said that boyfriend Jason Derulo always wears his hat (how cute are they BTW?)

Sophie T. Simmons wore Victoria Secret with Jimmie Choo’s.

I rocked Jose Natori and my 1950’s roller do hair by Tanya of Untamed Instincts on Melrose was a hit.


Perez said his next trip was going to be US, probably Miami since he has the little one to consider.

Dancing With the Stars’ Mark Ballas completely charmed me when he spoke Japanese to me (no, I’m not Japanese but I took a post-college Gap Year there and absolutely loved it.)

Sophie just got back from North Carolina, and she says she loved it.

Jeannie Mai said her favorite fashion city is Singapore!

Celebrity Stylist Phu Styles said that her favorite fashion cities are NYC, Miami (lots of love for Miami that night), LA, Paris, Milan and Tokyo.

More later!


Maxine @VanityGirl 

A supermom builds a dream vanity room for her girls …

Vanity Girl Hollywood via Facebook

OMG.  Are you dying?  I just saw this post on Facebook and I am IN LOVE.  This supermom in Pennsylvania built this for her girls — the pink walls, the black and white floor, the Broadway desks … I’m working on getting more details about it – but I just couldn’t wait to share it!

It reminds me a little bit of this Vanity Room, that another supermom built for her three daughters on a farm in West Virginia.

It makes me so happy – the thought of these little girls having a dream vanity room to talk about about their hopes and dreams, and put on their makeup together.  It’s a literally a space where family bonds are formed.

Thanks for sharing @Laurie!  I’m honestly SO HONORED to be a part of the lives of everyday girls and women creating their own Hollywood backstage moments.


Maxine @VanityGirl


Pink and Black Vanity Room

Real Vanity Girl: You Tube Guru Stephanie L.


This blue-eyed beauty out of New York created this video for her Black Lighted Vanity. Stay tuned for her “Real Vanity Girl Feature” and get to know her a little better. Apparently, we aren’t the only one watching because we got an email from Australia from someone who saw her video and wanted a Black Starlet like hers immediately. xo

Update – here’s our Real Vanity Girl interview with Stephanie L aka SMLx0 on YouTube.  Please excuse the different fonts.  This new blog format is a work in a progress .. 


How did you get started on YouTube?


I first started making videos about 2 years ago. I currently have around 75,000 subscribers. It’s amazing! I love it.  I got inspired to make videos because I loved watching them. It looked like fun so I figured I’d give it a try!


What advice would you give newbie YouTuber’s?


My advice to aspiring YouTuber’s would be to always be genuine, and try to interact with your viewers as much as you can. When you reply to comments or Tweets it shows that you care. I’ve been lucky enough to develop friendships with a lot of girls on YouTube. That’s probably my favorite aspect of it. 


How did you learn to make the type of videos that gets a subscriborship (is that a word)?  like yours?


I’m pretty much just self taught, and of course YouTube has taught me a lot as well. There’s so many talented people on YouTube!

What made you decide to invest in a vanity at this time? 

It was the perfect vanity for me because of the lighting! Lighting is so important for doing makeup as well as filming videos for my YouTube channel.

Why our vanities?


Vanity Girl vanities are unlike any vanities I’ve ever seen. They are beautiful and so glamourous. You can’t help but feel like a movie star every time you sit down to do your makeup. It makes it that much more fun. On top of being nice to look at, it’s also really sturdy and functional. I love that you can adjust the brightness of the lights so easily.


How did you hear about us? 


I first heard about them on YouTube. Kandee Johnson, one of my faves, did a video on one of the mirrors and ever since then I fell in love.


What beauty products are you loving right now?


I recently did a video on my must haves.. I have so many! But a few of my top favorites are Mac’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.. always makes you look flawless! (NOTE:  THIS IS A FAVORITE OF CELEBRITY MUA @JPBEAUTY TOO); Nars Casino Bronzer because I love having that “sun-kissed glow”. Ardell False Lashes (NOTE:  ME TOO!) , the Urban Decay Naked palettes and Bonnebell Liplites in Strawberry Parfait. It’s SO cheap and the perfect baby pink gloss that anyone can afford.


Who is your favorite Vanity Girl?
I’d have to go with Marilyn Monroe.. She’s the epitome of Hollywood glamour!


What do you think makes someone beautiful, and what physical feature do you get complimented on the most?


In my opinion, beauty definitely comes from within. I think I have a great heart and care a lot about others. Looks will only get you so far in life. If you come across as caring, then it will only make you that much more beautiful. As far as appearance goes, my most complimented feature is my eyes. They’re blue but they can look gray or green depending on what I wear.


And her last words to me … 


Last but not least, thank you Maxine for being so kind! I admire your work ethic and hope to have my own business someday as well!


Thank you 🙂   Can’t wait to see what beauty biz you end up launching xoxo