Vanity Girl Hollywood: Another Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup room

via Vanity Girl Hollywood on Facebook

This one comes from Mari LC who reached out to me on Instagram to share her beautiful Starlet room.  I’m so glad she did because how beautiful is it? I really love that bench and of course, Marilyn Monroe – an OG Vanity Girl for sure – makes sure that we get to celebrate being glam all day everday!



Marilyn Monroe dressing room


A supermom builds a dream vanity room for her girls …

Vanity Girl Hollywood via Facebook

OMG.  Are you dying?  I just saw this post on Facebook and I am IN LOVE.  This supermom in Pennsylvania built this for her girls — the pink walls, the black and white floor, the Broadway desks … I’m working on getting more details about it – but I just couldn’t wait to share it!

It reminds me a little bit of this Vanity Room, that another supermom built for her three daughters on a farm in West Virginia.

It makes me so happy – the thought of these little girls having a dream vanity room to talk about about their hopes and dreams, and put on their makeup together.  It’s a literally a space where family bonds are formed.

Thanks for sharing @Laurie!  I’m honestly SO HONORED to be a part of the lives of everyday girls and women creating their own Hollywood backstage moments.


Maxine @VanityGirl


Pink and Black Vanity Room