Real Vanity Girl of San Jose

via (2) An Nguyen on Facebook

Soooooo cute! Here’s is our little Starlet vanity glamming up this beauty junkie’s San Jose digs … but it’s that adorable puppy that is stealing the show for me!

“Just received my mirror…one word STUNNING!” — that’s what she posted on Facebook 🙂


Maxine @VanityGirl

Pink & Black Vanity Room

via Facebook – Vanity Girl Hollywood @Beautifly Samantha

This Real Vanity Girl waited until her white office chair came in to share her photo with us via Facebook.  I love the pink walls and her whimsical use of Betty Boop in the space. I often see Marilyn Monroe and Hello Kitty, but I think this is the first time I saw Betty!

Note her super organized plastic totes on her book shelves and a magnifying mirror on the desk.  That’s great for “up-close” work like lashes and liner.


Maxine @VanityGirl 

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Perfect Backstage Mirrors for Makeup and Green Rooms


Look who just ordered some of our products to complete their Makeup Room! We loved it – because we were actually referred to them from another vendor. From production studios to the Vanity areas of apartments, homes and hotels across North America – we’re making things just a little more glam.

Lighted Makeup Mirror for Bridal Expo Events

We think a show like this would be a perfect market for us.  Afterall, isn’t the bride THE Leading Lady of this event?   So ladies, on your special day – demand Vanity Girl Hollywood lighting by name.  Either your makeup artist or the venue should have it onhand, or pull an ultimate leading lady move and order your very own. 🙂  It will be the gift that keeps on giving.  We even have it in Glossy White.


How long will it take for my Vanity to arrive?


We get this question a lot, and people also ask us where we are based. Our marketing team is in Hollywood, CA and we manufacture right here in Los Angeles. So yes – we are the Real Deal 🙂 Here is a map to help you figure out when to expect your vanity and we keep most things in stock.

Latina Pinup Doll Video on the Black Broadway Lighted Mirror

Check out this cutie’s video! She’s so good on video – I swear SHE looks like she’s taking Marki Costello’s hosting classes. I really love how she has our logo next to her Chanel products. Ahhhh, I aspire. Thanks @jessicafleurdeLis and make sure to check out her YouTube Channel.