Launching your dream business …

Last Thursday,  social media expert Beverly Macy (author, host, educator, thought-leader extraordinaire) interviewed me on her  Social Media and business radio show.  My story was really about how I Followed My Dream … and created Vanity Girl Hollywood after getting laid off.

Now that we are five years in, I sometimes lose sight that this all started out of an idea  I had during a cheer-up session at the Burke Williams spa here in West hollywood.  They say that luck is where inspiration and perspiration intersect, right?

I was lucky – lucky that I had an angel investor who saw my track record, believed in me and respected my marketing chutzpah and put his talent and resources behind this fledgeling dream.

Lucky that I had friends and family who supported this dream, and helped me keep it alive when I didn’t think I could do it.

Lucky that Social Media was this free platform, where I could take my PR and Guerilla marketing tactics to the web and create a machine that would market 24/7, 365. (Big thanks to Alaia Williams for showing me how to blog and use Twitter!)

Lucky that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and YouTube gurus like Kandee Johnson would love this product, and choose to support another female entrepreneur.

Milk Studios, LA 2010 Kim Kardashian and Maxine Tatlonghari

Milk Studios, LA 2010
Kim Kardashian and Maxine Tatlonghari

Kandee & Max

L’Oreal Anniversary Party at the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills
Uber Beauty Blogger Kandee Johnson and Maxine Tatlonghari

And most of all, lucky that a girl named Crystal in Ohio bought that first vanity (only 2 days after I launched my eBay store and blog which I built myself!)and proved that there were THOUSANDS of girls out there who wanted a Backstage Hollywood moment of her very own. I LOVE and appreciate my Vanity Girls more than words could ever express.

Please take a listen.  And if it inspires you to follow a dream – any dream – please share it here or of course – find me on Social Media.



UsWeekly:: How Kim Kardashian Adds Glam to Her Boudoir


This article came out shortly after two of our lighted Black Broadway desks were set up in the VIP makeup room in DASH NYC. Did you catch the clip on the January 22, 2012 episode of Kourtney and Kim take New York when Kim is chatting with gal pal and celebrity MUA Joyce Bonnelli in front of the vanity? I was en route home from a long weekend at Sundance, and literally learned about the segment airing from my Facebook and Twitter audience … whom I adore. Grazie Vanity Girls! 

How to contour your face like Kim Kardashian

One of my favorite Vanity Girls, Kim Kardashian, always has such a beautifully defined face.  This MUA breaks it down in one of the best YouTube tutorials on this subject IMO.

My fave tip in here was 1) the use of the liquid over the cream and setting the whole thing with powder (rolled in with a velour sponge) 2) the sample package to cut a sharp line! 

Have you seen other YouTube vids on countouring and highlighting that you liked?  Please share a comment here …