Jetsetting with Johan Ernst Nilson on the Pole2Pole Expedition

One of the things I love my most in my role as the Hollywood Insider and Host with JetsetExtra is all the interesting people I get to meet. This is Johan Ernst Nilson who is literally going from the North to the South Pole on mostly manpower alone (yep, like bikes, kayaks,ski). My friend/producer and owner of JSE MaryAnne (I often refer to her as MB) set up the interview and by the time Johan was done regaling us with his tales, we kind of had hearts in our eyes.

It’s always fascinating to meet people who are doing what they love and blazing new trails. When he left our studio in Burbank, he said, “Gotta go. I’m biking to Mexico.”

Yeah – I’m an LA girl. I think hiking Runyon Canyon is a major feat lol.

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