Real Vanity Girl of San Jose

via (2) An Nguyen on Facebook

Soooooo cute! Here’s is our little Starlet vanity glamming up this beauty junkie’s San Jose digs … but it’s that adorable puppy that is stealing the show for me!

“Just received my mirror…one word STUNNING!” — that’s what she posted on Facebook 🙂


Maxine @VanityGirl

The best Hollywood makeup mirror

I loved this video from @shophaulic777.  She is so honest … she’s had her Black Starlet for over a month but hasn’t been able to get to it.  I get like that too – especially when it comes to things I think might be difficult to put together.

But she liked that it was so “Super Simple to put together” – like only 7 screws and it comes with everything you need right in the box.


Maxine @VanityGirl 

IMATS Makeup Show :: Los Angeles


We just got a call from a MUA in CT who ordered the wheels for her Black Broadway Vanity Desk. She first learned about us from IMATS, which is interesting since we’ve never showed. We have to assume it’s a vendor who used our vanities as part of their booth displays. We LOVE when they do that!

Hmmmm…. what do you think? Should we show at IMATS?