Hot and Healthy in West Hollywood

I had fun producing and hosting this segment for Chamber TV. A big part of any Vanity Girl’s lifestyle is feeling healthy – and here’s a glimpse of some of my favorite companies here in town:

Cycle House
Firm Body Evolution
Law Offices of David Eichman
TRAIN West Hollywood
Whole Foods

The video was shot at the West Hollywood Chamber’s Health Fair and Capitol Drug’s Sample Saturday.

A big thank you to my crew and glam squad:

Hair: Tanya of Untamed Instincts
Videoography & Editing: Photo Film Stage

Outfit Notes:
Pants: Lululemon
Top: Nike
Jacket: Zella “Strealine” from Nordstrom’s at The Grove

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Maxine @VanityGirl 

18.2 lbs in 25 days …


This whole detox & transformation I’ve been doing with FBE has been a bit lifechanging … here are my Top 7 A-Ha Moments in no particular order:

  1. On Camera:  I saw some footage of myself back in November that I just wasn’t that happy with.  Well, we shot a piece for Chamber TV on March 25 and I feel so much better in my skin.  That’s always a nice feeling.
  2. Instagram:  I actually posted a photo of a shrimp dish I made myself yesterday.  I don’t cook, I never really have … but on this program I have learned to make a little somethin’ somethin’.  and I was so proud of that dish.  I read once that Jessica Alba learned how to cook as a teenager because she wanted to control what went into her food.  OK, I get it now.
  3. Loubitan’s:  I bought these really cute strappy stiletto ankle boots from Decades a while back. I hadn’t worn them because they weren’t that comfortable anymore.  Well – I wore then Sunday to my friends bday dinner at Cecconi’s and they felt just fine.
  4. Gluten-Free:  No starch, no sugar, no alcholl.  It’s actually not that hard.  Sure, I took a little sabbatical from my social life to focus on this program … but I’d say it’s paid off.
  5. Denim.  As you may have read in last week’s post, I’m back in my jeans.  ‘Nuff said.
  6. Nice things:  As in people saying them to me.  I know our validation needs to come from within, but let’s face it.  When other people (like say an ex-boyfriend?) notice the hard work you’ve put in, it feels damn good …
  7. Keepin’ it going:  OK, orginally I was going to do 25 days total. I figured I can do anything for 25 days.  Well, I’m so happy with the results and it’s become a part of my lifestyle – that I am going to keep going for awhile …

More to come!



Firm Body Evolution

So, I’m just wrapping up my first week here at Firm Body Evolution and starting on Week #2.  I really like it.  I have self-professed Fitness ADD and with all of the great offerings here in West Hollywood – I get to experience some of the best facilities and trainers in all of LA.

What I like so much about FBE is that it’s really addressing the stress levels in my life.  Like most female entrepreneurs – my health and fitness takes a back seat when things get tough.  And I could literally feel my cortisol levels rising along with my stress.

So, I started doing the 10/20/30 method with Jacob aka the yogis yogi, and it has helped make me feel so much more centered.  The other wellness toys & treats that I have tried so far include:

  • The helix.  It’s a lateral trainer and I’ve seriously never done any movement on a cardio machine like it.  I like it because it really feels like it’s targeting the butt and thighs.
  • The vibration machine.  It was really scary at first, but going on session #4 with Jacob has me doing one-legged squats, balance drills and all kinds of other cool stuff.
  • The body composition analysis.  I love, love, loved this.  Basically, it takes your weight and also tells you what your muscle mass is, water weight, etc.  Totally nerd cool.  It also told me I need 1483 calories a day to maintain my weight, which is such great info!
  • Hip Rotator:  This was kind of like those back massage chairs except it focuses on your hips.  Mine tend to get pretty tight and I was having lower back issues, so I liked this a lot.
  • Infra Red Jade Sauna:  LOVE this!  After the helix and the one-on-one vibration/training/yoga session with Jacob, I get to detox in the Infra Red Jade Spa.  It boasts a whole host of body rejunvenating benefits … and all I know is I literally have seen a noticeable difference in how I am able to manage all the stress in my life right now because of it.  I LOVE it.  I want to marry it.  Seriously, if (I mean WHEN!) I become uber rich, I want one of these in my house (they do sell them BTW).  And I don’t even really like regular saunas, so that tells you a lot!

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I’ll keep you posted on my FBE journey and in the meantime, take a peek at the video that Jourdan just made on their HCG diet (did you see Dr. Oz’ recent episode on the HCG diet?)

What about you?  Have you tried some new fitness things out lately? Share share share!


Maxine @VanityGirl