Sample Week Menu: Organic & Gluten-Free Food

cibo verde.

A gluten-free diet is all the rage these days, especially here in Hollywood.  People with celiac disease, as well as those of us who just want to eat healthier, have adopted gluten free as a way to stay leaner and feel better.  In fact last night, I was at a girlfriend’s birthday dinner and one of her favorite presents was literally, a piece of gluten-free coconut cake (all wrapped up in a box).  It was brilliant.

Well, my secret to gluten-free (and ORGANIC to boot) is cibo verde food delivery.  Here is a sample menu from this week … which I will try to update daily!


Breakfast:  Spinach and mushroom omelet

Snack:  Chickpea salad with tomatoes and onions

Lunch:  Shrimp and heirloom tomato salad

Dinner:  Braised short rib with asparagus

Desert:  Dark chocolate mousse * (fave of the day, it was almost like frosting out of the can, but so much better obvi!)



Breakfast:  Turkey hash with egg whites, red and green bell peppers

Snack:  Roasted red pepper hummus with carrot sticks * (fave of the day, loved the hummus consistency)

Lunch:  Grilled steak cobb (egg whites) with tomatoes and feta cheese

Dinner:  Lemon garlic chicken with haricot vert

Desert:  Chocolate dipped strawberries