Wanna See A Vanity? Vegas Baby Vegas at the Cosmo :: June 4 Lash Royalty Soiree


I’ve often said that my vanities have a better social life than me.  She went to Barcelona and the KIIS FM Jingle Ball with Youngblood Cosmetics, New York with Royal and Langnickel and now, little Miss Silver Starlet will make an appearance at the swanky girls soiree that Lash Royalty is holding at the Marquee in the Cosmo.  Now that is one sexy hotel (I was there for the celebrity-studded grand opening!) and surprisingly, my brother (a total family man) went there with his wife and kids a month ago and they also love it, so I guess it can also be considered family-friendly.

It’s also no secret that I love my falsies (lashes that is) and my girl Liz and her fab company Lash Royalty is holding a new product launch, and appreciating her loyal customers too.  In honor of their 2 year anniversary (or birthday as I call it, because I often think of our companies as children.  Like Vanity Girl is 4 years old), LR is releasing a limited edition of Swarvoski jeweled lashes.  Bling and Fringe?  How fun is that.

Miss Silver Starlet will add her own brand of bling along with the Lash Royalty Glam Artists and treat guests to a Hollywood experience Lash Royalty style.  Or is it a Vegas experience because those girls know how to glam it up too?

Anyhoo – if you are in Vegas make sure to hit this party.  Print out the flyer to get all the deets (and free admission).  It’s 21 and over.  it will be held at the VIP Library Marquee and how’s this for fun?  Open bar for two hours.

And if you hit the party, make sure you take my favorite “money shot” and post it to our Facebook.  Here’s how to get the shot:

1.  Get your glam on in the Lash Royalty glam chair

2.  Once done, give your camera (or phone) to a friend and have them stand behind you to the right (so they aren’t in the shot).

3.  Now, grab a lipgloss (so you can fake a pout as if you are doing something!) and face the mirror

4.  Lean forward a little, and snap the shot.  It looks like a “caught moment” when really you’ve staged a backstage sexy glam shot like this one.  EVERYONE looks so  good like this, it’s cray cray.  We were doing this at the Sindulge launch, and Adrianna (the new PR diva from Youngblood) said that once I left EVERYONE was posing like this which I LOVE because it’s taken years of doing Vanity girl pop ups to find the perfect pose for you beauties! 



(Actress Traci Lords at Sundance 2012)

At any rate, I know Liz is going to throw a gorgeous party because that girl knows glam!  Sorry I’m going to miss it but like I said, my little Starlet has a better social life than me.