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A few of you may know that I spent many years raising money for the American Cancer Society before Vanity Girl Hollywood.  Over $20 million as a matter fact, primarily through walk-a-thon’s.   I’m really proud to be involved with an awesome grassroots organization called Collective Voices and helping them with their first walk-a-thon.

There are so many ways you can get involved:

1.  Join our personal Make It Work Team!  My BFF Julie Rose and I are co-chairing a personal team for the walk. We just ask that you raise $100 or more (ask 10 people, for 10 dollars et voila, you are done!)  Our goal was 10 people, and we already have 5 people signed up. So awesome.

2.  Sponsor me or any of the Make It Work team members  – any amount is awesome.  Note:  the first 5 people to donate $200 to me, one of the Make It Work Walkers or just our general team fund, will get a special promo prize … really great for someone who wants to Make It Fame for their business, project or themselves.

3.  Sponsor the entire event!  Sponsorships begin at only $1500 and yep, we will promote the heck outta you!

4.  Form your own team!   Sign up on the website, and try and get 10 or more friends to fundraise with you.  We’ll hold your hand through it, so don’t worry ’bout a thing.

There you have it!  And in case you wonder what the organization does … click here to check out the blog.  I’m super inspired by teacher Giovanni and the Youth Committee, Darrius, Brandon & Karen.

P.S.  The walk is November 16 at Central Park in Pasadena. 

P.P.S.  Stay tuned for our Super Fun Bingo team Fundraising Night at Hamburger Mary’s.  Deets to come! 


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