Shop WeHo:: CityTarget coming to town!


So excited! I love a good Target (please pronounce tar jay) experience and although I haven’t quite figured out the main difference between a CityTarget and a regular one (I assume it’s SIZE – let me know if YOU know).

The Beverly Connection is so awesome for discount shopping, a Nordstrom’s Rack, Old Navy, Ross, db shoes – like all my favorite suburban discount shopping spots in the heart of the city.

And yes, I know that this doesn’t techincally count as WeHo, but the GM of the luxury shopping spot Beverly Center (right across from Beverly Connection), said yesterday at our West Hollywood Chamber Board Installation yesterday at the House of Blues, “our pinkie toe is in WeHo” …

P.S.  Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for West Hollywood’s Eat Shop Play site – will give you all the greatest places to hit in my hood …

Buzz :: ★ Shimmer: Fashion For Every Age and Size ★


We were so pleased to be a part of Shimmer Boutique’s Fashion Show and Vanity Mixer yesterday in San Diego, CA. Here is plus size fashion blogger (and UCSD Master’s Student) Alessandra’s post about our sparkly fun. And Bellus Academy was onhand doing makeovers at our Vanity Stations.

One of the things I love so much about what I do, are the relationships you form. Like, Judy (the gorgeous owner of Shimmer) was the first brick and mortar store to buy our vanities. It was so early on, they didn’t even have our logos on them! She’s an Original Vanity Girl.

And Alessandra “knew” me and Vanity Girl, from Koren’s video … and “everybody else under the sun” lol. I was tickled to meet her and the other bloggers that attended, especially because Alessandra is bilingual in Spanish and I know Latinas love their glam!

And I knew Bellus because Pursebuzz invited me to be a part of two events she has done with them — and I first met Koren and Pursebuzz together years ago.  Beauty really is a small circle (worldwlde no less) because we are all connected via social media.  I just LOVE it.

Anyway – I’m blabbering. Please enjoy Alessadra’s pics! More to come …