SEO Tips and Tricks Los Angeles


Here's a Real Vanity Girl posting her Vanity on my Instagram page!

Here’s a Real Vanity Girl posting her Vanity on my Instagram page!

LA Web Professionals Group &… Tickets, Santa Monica – Eventbrite.

Hey Beauty, Lifestyle and WeHo Entrepreneurs!  

Everyone kinda knows me for my Social Media Swirl … but a lot of the reason I do that is to build my organic traffic to my site.  All of those efforts account for roughly  60% of my traffic and my conversions.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I KNOW that all of that content, and Instagram and videos helps ALL along the Sales Funnel… How do I know?  Because my Vanity Girls TELL me … “I saw so and so’s video … ” and just check out my Instagram.  You can see for yourself.

Anyway, I saw this workshop and it looks really good to me!  If you feel like going too – use maxine-discount and get a discount.

S-E-O you there (okay … bad pun.  Couldn’t help myself.

xo Maxine

6 thoughts on “SEO Tips and Tricks Los Angeles

  1. I love Los Angeles, the father in law lives there. I am always on the lookout for feedback on training days when it comes to SEO, did you go along? If so how was it?

    I do SEO training and finding out what people enjoy and can relate to is great info 🙂

    • Hi John – I didn’t make it. I did however just got back from Boston, doing my Offline to Online Marketing Workshop (kind of related to my Online Fame workshop I did here in West Hollywood, CA). We touched on SEO, since it’s a primary reason I do so much social media and video for my Vanity Girl Hollywood brand.

      As for the training, here in LA, getting from WeHo to SaMo can be quite a trek and with the 405 shut down I simply couldn’t muster the strength to battle traffic!

      Whereabouts does your father-in-law live?

  2. Not sure if the reply i just posted went through, got a strange message, must be my machine telling me to give up for the day!

    I dont know the exact location, I live in Edinburgh Scotland so its some journey and with two kids its hard to fins a few grand to cover costs 🙂 I have only made it once.

    How was Boston?

    • Boston was GREAT! I had a really good time, and my JetBlue flight home last night was stellar … much more than I can say for the carrier that I took over there (which shall remain nameless).

      I have never been to Scotland, but it’s on the bucket list. 🙂

      • I have only been in Scotland for 5 years and I love it. Boston sounds good, would love to tour over your way more. I could do an SEO tour, how cool would that be. Be paid to tour a country.

  3. Where were you before Scotland?

    Ah yes … and if there was a place for a Social Medialite on that tour who used it to help build her brand and create SEO in her space … think of me 🙂 I need to make it back to Europe!

    But Boston was my first paid Social Media workshop on the East Coast … so perhaps I am on my way!

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