Heaven by the sea … Terranea Resort

Winner Announcement: Terranea Resort Names Influencer Finalists for Weekend Getaway | Terranea Resort.

I just wanted to wish my jetset bestie, MaryAnne Been, a quick congrats for being selected by this prestigous resort as a Travel Influencer.  If you have ever seen this resort (I’ve only ever had dinner there) … it is GORGEOUS.  Dramatic cliffside views make for a VERY romantic dinner.

As a publisher, content creator and producer, MB is really committed to creating high quality pieces that make readers and viewers feel like they are on the trip too.  I feel very lucky to work with her and my whole Jetset Family as their Hollywood Insider and one of their video hosts.


SEO Tips and Tricks Los Angeles


Here's a Real Vanity Girl posting her Vanity on my Instagram page!

Here’s a Real Vanity Girl posting her Vanity on my Instagram page!

LA Web Professionals Group & SEOSeminarLosAngeles.com… Tickets, Santa Monica – Eventbrite.

Hey Beauty, Lifestyle and WeHo Entrepreneurs!  

Everyone kinda knows me for my Social Media Swirl … but a lot of the reason I do that is to build my organic traffic to my site.  All of those efforts account for roughly  60% of my traffic and my conversions.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I KNOW that all of that content, and Instagram and videos helps ALL along the Sales Funnel… How do I know?  Because my Vanity Girls TELL me … “I saw so and so’s video … ” and just check out my Instagram.  You can see for yourself.

Anyway, I saw this workshop and it looks really good to me!  If you feel like going too – use maxine-discount and get a discount.

S-E-O you there (okay … bad pun.  Couldn’t help myself.

xo Maxine

How to cook Thai food

Mandarin Oriental Thai Cooking School with Chef Narain – Jetset Extra.

Check out the video and yummy recipes from our trip to Thailand.  Mary Anne, with her culinary school background was a natural.  I might have struggled a little bit, but I still had a lot of fun making (and tasting) these traditional Thai recipes.



Chef Narian, Mary Anne and I sit down to taste the fruits of our labor at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok's Oriental Thai Cooking School

A Free Ride in West Hollywood?

West Hollywood Trolley Launch | Splash Magazines | Los Angeles.

Yes – there is!  Check out Christy’s article in Splash Magazine.  In the meantime, here are the things I love about it:

1.  It is so damn cute.  The cheeky graphics will have you spending as much time looking at the outside as enjoying the inside.

2.  The route.  The loop will take you all along the corridor where some of our favorite bars serve up the fun.

3.  The music.  Yep!  There is awesome music curated by a very cool DJ just for the Trolley.

4.  Photo Booth.  It wasn’t up and running during our sneak peek, but rumor has it there will be a place to take pics!

5.  The price.  As in free.  ‘Nuff said.

See you on the trolley!  And if you LOVE it, make sure to Instagram or Tweet about it!

Here I am with Clinton of Mercury Films and my YouTube Guru gal pal Sharzad K. Photo Credit:  Mercury Films