New Addiction: Ready for Love on NBC

Ready for Love | NBC

Did you catch it last night?  I wasn’t planning to watch this show (got really burnt out on the Bachelor and all of it’s spin offs) but due to the crazy wind, a tree hit the power lines near Urth Caffe and we had no power in my building.

So I luckily have amazing friends, and crashed on Mylena’s couch and ended up watching this with gal pal Rebecca.  OMG.  It’s pretty good.

1. The guys are HOT.  A hospital CEO.  A front man for a band …and I forget the other one – I think he’s like a spiritually focused entrepreneur.

2.  The girls seem REAL.  With all their flaws and hopes and they genuinely seem to want to fall in love.

3. The Matchmakers give pretty good advice. I like the guy and the woman with the great crazy hair – they give really good advice.  The blonde seems a bit Stepford for my taste, but overall … they are OUR voice.  They are saying the things that we scream at the TV.

4.  Juliana and Bill.  Juliana also says the things that I scream at the TV.

5.  The Star Trek transporters.  C’mon, it’s so awesome. They get into these glass cages and then dissappear from the stage and one re-emerges.  It’s like – The Hunger Games meets a dating show.

6.  And last but not least, did one of the contestants REALLY say “fart”?  And he kept her?   Wowza.  Paradigm shift.

Anyway – this looks like a new guilty pleasure.

What about you?  Did you catch it?  What did you think?


Maxine @VanityGirl

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