Three P’s in a Pod: FBE week 3


As in 3 Princesses in an infrared jade sauna Pod.

I’ve been enjoying my detox and workouts with Jacob so much over at Firm Body Evolution that I invited two of my gal pals along with me for a little session.  Between the laughter (poor Jacob, it was like herding cats) we managed to workout, get a tour, and detox.

Patty was laughing that balance on the Whole Body Vibration machine was a challenge.  It was so scary for me the first time, I kept feeling like I was going to fall off.  It’s like a Bosu Ball on steroids. But seriously, by the next workout …. I was way more comfortable and that fear of falling left.

Patty is a business blogger and spa junkie so she of course,

Loved the private zen feeling of the environment.  Feels very exclusive and the pods — super way to feel the final touch of a top of the line workout.” 

Mary Anne LOVES heat.  She is one of those people who will go sit in her hot car because she likes the heat so much.  She jokes that she is like a lizard on a rock.  In this case – she really was.  We all were.  The infrared jade saunas are like space pods, lined in jade stones.

She is a busy mom of two young girls and owns two companies with her husband, and she said:

I love how efficient the workout is! 30 minutes the workout is complete then in 30 more minutes detox and rejuvenation session is complete. Out the door feeling like I just spent 2 hours in the gym is awesome!”

As for me, I love all that and of course … location, location, location.  It’s very close to me (walking distance) and also housed with Pressed Juicery and Fresh Corn Grill so it’s like a little healthy West Hollywood vortex at the corner of Santa Monica and Westbourne.  

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