Cool chicks …. cool careers :: Meet Jourdan

Jourdan at House of Blues on the Sunset Strip

I have really loved my time spent getting healthier (mind body and spirit) at Firm Body Evolution, and that’s where I met Jourdan. Like lots of women, she’s a “slashee” (a term that former Miss Universe Miriam Q shared with me when I was in Manila a few years ago) — meaning, we have a lot of interests and passions in our life.

Yes, Jourdan is the social medialite and lots of other things over at FBE … but she’s also a singer/songwriter and a couple of her songs just got a big break on the “Bold and the Beautiful.”

We over here at Vanity Girl like to set the stage for all you leading ladies to create your own backstage moments …

Check her out!


Maxine @VanityGirl

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