13.6 lbs in almost 3 weeks …


I’ve been on FBE’s Total Transformation program for almost 3 weeks now (19 days to be exact), and the numbers are in. 13.6 lbs and 14.5 inches. I’ll post pictures soon ….

But most importantly, I’m back in my jeans. There was a graveyard of denim, taunting me from the upper shelves of my closet which are now …fitting again!

Hello Joe & Paige.

I missed you so much.

Hot LA Event Planners: Jin Yu of Jin & Quinn


I met Jin when my friend Ben invited me to be a part of TV Guide’s The Painted Nail Katie-in-Wonderland party. We did our signature pop up Vanity Bar (My Glam Squad included @odmakeup, @makeupbycrystals @zarahglam and @crystalhamilton).  We had such a great time sharing our OCC Lip Tar Bar (a couple of guys even tried on blue & green lips and our festive hats were supplied by Ariane).

Congrats on the coverage Jin – can’t wait to work with you again!

Maxine @VanityGirl

Three P’s in a Pod: FBE week 3


As in 3 Princesses in an infrared jade sauna Pod.

I’ve been enjoying my detox and workouts with Jacob so much over at Firm Body Evolution that I invited two of my gal pals along with me for a little session.  Between the laughter (poor Jacob, it was like herding cats) we managed to workout, get a tour, and detox.

Patty was laughing that balance on the Whole Body Vibration machine was a challenge.  It was so scary for me the first time, I kept feeling like I was going to fall off.  It’s like a Bosu Ball on steroids. But seriously, by the next workout …. I was way more comfortable and that fear of falling left.

Patty is a business blogger and spa junkie so she of course,

Loved the private zen feeling of the environment.  Feels very exclusive and the pods — super way to feel the final touch of a top of the line workout.” 

Mary Anne LOVES heat.  She is one of those people who will go sit in her hot car because she likes the heat so much.  She jokes that she is like a lizard on a rock.  In this case – she really was.  We all were.  The infrared jade saunas are like space pods, lined in jade stones.

She is a busy mom of two young girls and owns two companies with her husband, and she said:

I love how efficient the workout is! 30 minutes the workout is complete then in 30 more minutes detox and rejuvenation session is complete. Out the door feeling like I just spent 2 hours in the gym is awesome!”

As for me, I love all that and of course … location, location, location.  It’s very close to me (walking distance) and also housed with Pressed Juicery and Fresh Corn Grill so it’s like a little healthy West Hollywood vortex at the corner of Santa Monica and Westbourne.  

Celebrity Makeup Artist @PriscillaOno and her Black Vanity

More beauty networking!  She heard about us through Uber Beauty Tuber Kandee Johnson (she put us on the map in the beauty world!).

Check out this HOT Hollywood makeup artist’s @priscillaono Instagram love (think Carmen Elektra and Paris Hilton and some of the most amazing photographers).

I am so excited to take some of her makeup classes at her amazing loft space too!

More to come!


Maxine @VanityGirl

Cool chicks …. cool careers :: Meet Jourdan

Jourdan at House of Blues on the Sunset Strip

I have really loved my time spent getting healthier (mind body and spirit) at Firm Body Evolution, and that’s where I met Jourdan. Like lots of women, she’s a “slashee” (a term that former Miss Universe Miriam Q shared with me when I was in Manila a few years ago) — meaning, we have a lot of interests and passions in our life.

Yes, Jourdan is the social medialite and lots of other things over at FBE … but she’s also a singer/songwriter and a couple of her songs just got a big break on the “Bold and the Beautiful.”

We over here at Vanity Girl like to set the stage for all you leading ladies to create your own backstage moments …

Check her out!


Maxine @VanityGirl

The Makeup Show LA tomorrow!

via The Makeup Show LA.


This is one of my FAVORITE makeup shows.  So well curated (not a madhouse like some others and like the best beauty part-ay where you can see your favorite brands, celebrity MUA’s, bloggers and YouTubers all under one chic, downtown roof.

I’ll be there Sunday shooting some stuff for Vanity Girl TV (I know, it’s been much too long!) with one of my favorite cameramen @photofilmstage – so if you are around and have or want a vanity, make sure to say “Hi” so we can get you on camera :)

I’m so excited to interview celebrity MUA extraordinaire Sam Fine too and to see two of my favorite Tubers @enkoremakeup and @pursebuzz at their booth and so many more of my Beauty Tribe peeps.


Maxine @VanityGirl, Jenny & Leo



VanityGirlTV Makeup Show 2011:  Inglot Smokey Eye with My Love Oscar

VanityGirlTV Makeup Show 2011:  Smashbox Cosmetics

VanityGirlTV Makeup Show 2011:  OCC Cosmetics

VanityGirlTV Makeup Show 2011:  Stila Cosmetics

I’ll be there tomorrow at around 10:30 a.m. – are you planning to go?