Kim Kardashian’s Celebuzz Blog: Vanity Girl at DASH SoHo

Could there be a bigger break for Vanity Girl Hollywood?  Kim is full of such glamour and beauty and people ask me all the time, “What is she like to work with?”  Well … I can just say that she has been so supportive of my brand and helped really put us on the map.  
When I met her and Khloe at a photo shoot to talk about the vanities being installed in her Beverly Hills house, my Dad had just gotten very ill.
The two of them literally stopped in the midst of everything, and pulled me aside to ask about my Dad.  They then shared their story of when their father got ill with cancer, and how that affected them.
So yes, I loved working with Kim and think she is amazing.  In the swirl of all the Hollywood hoopla, we were just girls trying to get our work done, and sharing stories about our Dads whom we love very much.



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