Business :: Networking & Girl Power here in Hollywood


As a busy entrepreneur with limited time (and investors to answer to), I sometimes get questioned as to why I spend so much time networking and doing events.

It’s because we’re women. We want to to meet each other, have a quick chat, see the vanity in person, etc. etc. As one Northern California YouTuber told me, “it’s sooooo much more impressive in person!”

Anyway, I just got a Facebook message from one of my favorite Hollywood set makeup artists (like in the Union and everything), Melissa Street. She told me that she and another Hollywood MUA, Kim Greene, are merging forces in a very cool project (more on that to come).

Part of their marketing strategy for this new venture, is one of my faves, YouTube. They are going to be creating some really cool how-to’s straight from the movie sets. And as they thought about what they wanted THEIR YouTube set to look like, they both wanted a very cool, professional lighted vanity.

Kim (whom I’ve only met once through HMAN) texted Melissa, “What about that girl who makes vanities?”

At the same time, Melissa texted Melissa, “We should talk to Maxine.”

I love it. This is why I spend some of nights and weekends neworking and doing events. Because when a powerhouse project is in the works, I want to be top of mind.

And what I love? Their project is about bringing their decades of Hollywood makeup set experience to the “everyday girl.” You all know that’s my mission. I want every woman to feel like a leading lady.

More to come!


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