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Beauty Bars as Entertainment

Vanity Girl Hollywood Founder Maxine Tatlonghari Brings the Backstage Beauty Experience to the Home and the Party

We’ve all seen the glamorous images of models being primped by professional makeup artists in front of a mirror encircled in large light bulbs. Many women dream of having that backstage moment but one woman decided to make it a reality not limited to actresses and supermodels. Maxine Tatlonghari, a Los Angeles entrepreneur and former marketing professional created Vanity Girl Hollywood Mirrors out of the need to have proper makeup lighting and put a little glamour into the everyday routine of getting ready. “I want regular girls to be able to have that backstage experience at home,” she said. What she didn’t realize was she was hot on a new trend of beauty as entertainment.

She began to showcase her products at events, lending her mirrors to actual backstage areas. But one event in particular really set off a “light bulb” of an idea. “We did a launch party at a clothing store and there really wasn’t a backstage so the mirrors and the models were on the floor getting made-up,” said Tatlonghari. “It became this interactive element of people being part of the experience. So I just thought, we should give regular girls the opportunity to get their makeup done too.”

And thus the pop-up beauty bar was born. Now Tatlonghari sets up her mirrors at parties all over Hollywood, bringing what she calls her “glam posse” of professional makeup artists. She partners with beauty brands to provide supplies and takeaway goodie bags, which creates a PR opportunity for everyone to showcase their products and services. Party guests are treated to a personal primp session – usually lips, lashes or hair – and try a new look for the night.

She says the girls love getting made up and often find they discover a beauty product they can buy when the night is over, but they are really blown away when they learn they can buy the Vanity Girl Hollywood makeup mirrors too.

And Tatlonghari’s mirrors are reasonably priced, ranging from $249-$399 so while they may make you feel like a superstar, you don’t have to have their bank account to get one.

Tatlonghari says her philosophy is simple, “every woman is entitled to feel like a supermodel.” And she expects everyone she works with to share that philosophy of making women feel beautiful and special.

And now, as beauty bars are becoming as much of a party necessity as a bartender and a DJ in Hollywood, it’s no surprise why women are lining up to sit in front of her mirrors. Who wouldn’t want to be a Vanity Girl every day?


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