Join the Vanity Girl Affiliate Program!

As girls, we love to share stuff we love with those we love.  Does that even make sense?  You were all naturally already telling each other about our lighted makeup mirrors, and creating videos, etc so it only make sense that we reward you for it!  Welcome to our Affiliate Program.


If you have a beauty blog, YouTube Account, salon or retail space, you may qualify for our Affiliate Program.  


One of our new affiliates – has had a video up about her vanity for nearly a year and simply by inserting a simple link, is now getting some $$ for her referrals.  We call that a win-win because she was doing it for free anyway! 


We are heading into our busiest season, so now is a great time to join.   You can make videos dropping hints to clueless hubbies and boyfriends that a movie-star moment may just be the perfect gift for the glamour girl in their lives.




P.S.  Please note that we only ship to US or Canada at this point.  


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