Flashback: The Hudson Hotel NYC

This is a great, very design – forward hotel. It’s central location (near Central Park, Midtown and the Upper West Side) means that you have a good portion of NYC at your fingertips. Even though we opted for a suite on that trip, the room was still on the small side but hey, it’s New York and hopefully you won’t be spending a ton of time in your room anyway. I really love the common spaces, like the 15th-floor Sky Terrace (complete with sweeping views of the Hudson River) and the restaurant with the communal table was a lot of fun. It’s amazing the conversations you can start simply because you are bumping elbows with strangers. The lobby is also impressive with 40-foot ceilings and real life greenery contrasting against the glass walls.

Be on notice though – the energy is high here and feels like a nightclub which as a West Hollywood girl, I don’t mind at all but I know some people prefer a little more peace and quiet.

Tip:  One of my favorite things to do to really get into the nooks and crannies of a city is take a walking tour.  Here is some video of one I did with JetsetExtra and Big Onion Tours in NYC.

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