MO Bangkok – a literary tradition

The palaces, the river and The Oriental, are three such historic gems that remain unhindered by modernity, each one leaving a deep impression on travellers through the ages. The Oriental has grown from a small riverside inn into the ‘grande dame’ of hotels. It has sheltered, nurtured and welcomed guests providing a traveller with a home-from-home; a quiet retreat where they can reflect on their journeys in tranquillity.

The Mandarin Oriental’s online magazine is lovely indeed. Refined, elegant just as you imagined it would be. When we visited Thailand a few months ago, we were struck by the rich literary tradition that the hotel honors with suites named after some of its favorite authors. Here is a deep dive into that tradition:

I think this quote sums it up best:

“We arrived like tramps and were treated like kings. I do remember we drank a lot of Champagne” — John Le Carré

We literally felt the same way.  After a day long trip hiking the historic and impactful Hellfire Pass in Kanchanaburi,  exploring the train tracks and a long car ride to Bangkok, we arrived at the doors of the Mandarin Oriental.  I was literally sweaty and nasty and sleepy.  We were greeted by elegant, silk-adorned Thai women with fragrant wristlets at the front door.

The dramatic splash of fresh flowers in elegant vases framed every nook and cranny of the refreshing lobby.  And when I looked up, there was a sea of elegantly turned out women with hose and heels.  

We had arrived smack dab in the middle of an Estee Lauder convention.  And it was my own private little hell … 

Special thanks to the Thailand Tourism Authority and Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

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