Committee Spotlight: Ruth Williams of NCJW



It Takes A Village.

It certainly has.  A little over 6 weeks a small but mighty powerful group of us sat down at National Council of Jewish Women and put our noses to the grindstone for this cause that we all cared about.  Although our city is small (only 1.9 square miles) it’s almost comical how Eastside and Westside we can sometimes be. 

So it’s really great that two anchors of the Eastside, National Council of Jewish Women and Interior Illusions are such a cornerstone of the entire event and committee.

Please meet Ruth Williams, who has contributed so much including a key introduction to Lifetime Television (stay tuned for that next year!), a team from NCJW, office space for me and Allison to work from and much much more.  She is the Director of Advocacy for NJCW and a Public Safety Commissioner for the City of West Hollywood.  In fact, she helped FOUND the City of WeHo.


Ruth, with all of the gazillion things you have going on, why did you choose to join the First Ever Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Committee?  Because this issue is so important to each and everyone of us and I felt that it was a perfect partnership with NCJW.  I wanted to know that I was making a small difference in the fight against breast cancer for both women and men.

>Do you have a personal tie to this cause? My closest and dearest friend passed away from cancer and I was with her when she passed away.  I have seen others close to me who have suffered from cancer in one form or another.  Most recently our own Executive Director was diagnosed and had a double mastectomy and is presently recovering. 


Yes, I was really glad to see her at the table when we first met and our thoughts and well wishes are with her .. BTW, how did you first hear about the event?  Through Council Deputy Fran Solomon of Councilman John Heilman’s office contacting us.

NCJW hit the ground running raising money thanks Joanie, even though we know that a Saturday event can be challenging for NCJW.  Yes, our Team Coordinator Joanie C. has done a great job … and I say you can never be afraid to ask for support in a cause you care about.  That’s my best fundraising tip.

I know that you are one of the Founders of this City, what are some of your favorite things about WeHo?  I love this city and everything about it … it’s incredible … it’s creative …it’s caring,  I’ve lived here since 1949 and seen so many, many changes, positive wonderful things.  My favorite thing about WeHo is the caring nature of the city as a whole.  


I happen to personally agree with you, but some would say we can be very vocal and politcally charged?  Granted there are going to be agreements and disagreements but when it comes to the bottom line, it’s nice to know that we are all there for each other.  Isn’t that what being a human being is all about?  


And what about the restaurants … ?  Café d’toile, Hugo’s, and Baby Blues BBQ.  They have the best cornbread πŸ™‚


To donate to NCJW’s Team Hillary, click here:  



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