Walker Spotlight :: Kim K

Strides is so many things ….it’s a community celebration, survivor fellowship, life-affirming, a fundraiser … but at its core … it’s a walk. 

I’m so grateful for the people who have chosen to walk on team Vanity Girl this Saturday, including our newest recruit Kim Kuhteubl who joined just a few days ago and hit the fundraising ground running.  And it made a difference, because our team made Blue Ribbon status (raising over $1000) just yesterday!  

A little about Kim: 

Kim is an award-winning producer, writer and visibility strategist.  She works with interior designers, makers of cool products and on-camera hosts in the lifestyle space creating intrepid brands and media, publication and licensing opportunities.

She decided to walk in the WeHo Strides because her (our) friend Julie lost her mom to cancer a little over a year ago (we miss you Auntie Lucy), and also for own her step grandmother who was diagnosed with breast cancer last Winter.


Kim’s favorite WeHo spots include The Abbey of course and the Pacific Design Center.  That makes sense since she spends a lot of her professional life working with designers and raising the visibility of their work! 

If you’d like to support Kim in the walk, click here.  If you’d like to join Team Vanity Girl and walk with us, click here!



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