Survivor Spotlight: Stacy S.


Faces of Strides from Left to Right:  Maxine, Event Co Chair; Stacy, Survivor Speaker; Dougray, Event Co-Chair

For those of you that were able to make it to our kick off at my co-chair’s Dougray’s gorgeous spot, Interior Ilusions, you may have remembered hearing 8-year breast cancer survivor Stacy S. speak.  Like most survivors (and mind you, we define a survivor as someone who has been diagnosed and takes their very next breath!), Stacy is strong and fearless.  She is also very West Hollywood, in that she is fierce.  She is a glam-entrepreneur (in the gorgeous lingerie space no less). 

She has worked with a lot of the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Programs including Reach to Recovery and Look Good Feel Better (two programs that will receive extra funding as a result of our efforts Saturday).

Well, little Ms. Stacy broke her foot a couple of weeks ago upon returning from NYC, but get this. She is coming anyway!  What a trooper.  She said she can’t run (but it’s a non-competitive 2-mileish stroll anyway) but I invited her to chill at the Survivor Activity at Interior Illusions (spearheaded by Survivor Chair Ron Ulloa of Aveda, Beverly Center).  She hasn’t decided yet if she will join Team Vanity Girl or create her own team … but you can check that out on the website.

Survivors will receive a special SWAG bag that day in honor of their lives and strength!  To sign up as a survivor or to form a team, please email or Facebook us.  If you don’t have a team but want to be on one, please click here for Team WeHo or here for Team Vanity Girl. 

Nobody has to walk alone! 

xoxo @VanityGirl

Event Co-Chair

PS.  Special thanks to Survivor Bag Sponsor Ruth Tittle of Capitol Drugs, a cornerstone of the health and wellness community right here in West Hollywood.







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