Committee Spotlight: Julie Rose Team Recruitment Chair

Some people wonder how you pull off a first year event like Making Strides Against Breast Cancer West Hollywood and garner so much community support.  Well, it takes a village.


 I’m so honored to be working with a great committee and I invite you to meet our Team Recruitment Chair Julie Rose.

We welcomed Julie to the committee about a month ago.  In addition to being a resident and business owner, Julie has also participated in the Women’s Leadership Conference here in West Hollywood with Larissa Fouks. In fact, issues that affect women and girls is a core passion for this busy coach/consultant who also ran the 24 hour hotline for a rape crisis center in Long Beach and Tyra Banks’ TZone Foundation among other things. 

“I’m so excited to be a part of an event that I believe in, held in a city I love, and to join a team filled with people I adore! I can already feel the positive & energy and support directed not just for Making Strides but all the survivors and their families,” says Julie.

She’s been a long time supporter of ACS (Making Strides and Relay For Life), so grassroots organization, volunteer management and team recruitment and fundraising are second nature for this girl.
In the interest of full disclosure. She is also my BFF πŸ™‚ but I swear, I didn’t strong arm her into this one. She came to a committee meeting, met the amazing people on the committee like Fran Solomon (John Heilman’s office), Corri Planck (Abbe Land’s Office) and Krystal Anderson (John Heilman’s office) and had to say YES! 

If you’d like to donate to Julie’s efforts for Making Strides, please click here.


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