Workout and Food Delivery in West Hollywood


This is my new gym, I train with fitness expert and TRAIN owner Mylene Dane. We’ve been making workout videos (just fun little post-workout clips) when we finish up so you guys can work out with us too!  We’ve known each other for awhile, but recently reconnected as we are both serving on the West Hollywood Chamber Board. So there you go, two female entrepreneurs right here in West Hollywood.

One thing I really love about working out with Mylene is she all about balance. So a glass of wine here, a piece of dark chocolate there is all within a balanced approach to lifelong fitness. (Works for me, because I can’t permanently give that up although I really have been working on my Diet Coke addiction because of all the chemicals …)

In the meantime, she also introduced me to Cibo Verde which is LA’s newest gourmet, gluten free organic food delivery service and it makes eating healthy so much easier (and freakin’ yummy to boot). The owner Paolo Mascitti is so passionate about his new venture. If you live in LA and are a busy executive in need of healthy food options … check it out here.


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