AZATURE :: Champagne & Chocolate


This has been a very bubbly week indeed. Tuesday’s girl’s lunch at the Sunset Tower was accompanied by a glass of champagne. Last night we were treated to an intimate dinner at the beautiful Wolfgang Puck private dining room at the Hotel Bel Air by the GM of the Mondrian Oriental Hong Kong (the oldest hotel in Hong Kong by the way) … and champagne flowed freely the moment we stepped onto the gorgeous, torch-lit outdoor terrace.

And what better way to celebrate champagne than paired with fine chocolate? These luxury confections are brought to you by the same designer who plays with black diamonds. They began as a “thank you” for his celebrity clientele, but were so popular that he decided to extend his brand.

And I for one, am really glad he did.


Nail Files: The Painted Nail Party – Pout Bar


Soiree: Katie In Wonderland – TV Guide’s “The Nail Files”
Location : The Painted Nail, Sherman Oaks CA
Brand Activation : OCC Lip Tars
Artists: Crystal Strayer, Olivia Danielle and Zarah Villareal
Hats: Ariane on Melrose
Photographer: Josh Strayer
PR: Jinn & Quinn, Brosseau PR

Other Brands of Note:
Paw Pallettes
NYX Lip Creme
Rock Your Hair

Featured Vanity: White Broadway Table Top Vanity

From Laid-off to Makeup Artist …


Why not?! Or as they say in French, “Pourquoi Pas?” We got a call today from a former dental assistant who bought a Silver Starlet mirror after seeing one of her favorite YouTube Gurus debbick1 talking about hers … and we got to asking, why doesn’t she think about becoming a makeup artist since she obviously loves it so much?

People think you have to formally go to school. I think that’s always a good idea … but some of the best MUA’s I’ve met are self-trained or made the leap from fine artist to makeup artist.

And places like Nigel’s, Naimie’s and my new obsession, Makeup Forever on Robertson, offer classes for the pro and layman alike. And get this – the “tuition” is usually redeemable in product. Now how fun is THAT!?

And for those of you who don’t know my story, I went from laid-off to beauty entrepreneur aka the True Vanity Girl Hollywood story lol… so if I can do it, you can too! xoxo

Tell us your stories!  Were you laid off and then turned around and reinvented yourself?  Are you a self-taught makeup artist? Did you go to school and did you love it? We all have our paths in life but obviously share a love for all things vanity, so we’d love to hear from you.