Hubbies build their wives their very own Princess Vanity Makeup Rooms!

What a great prezzie … not just makeup … not just a makeup mirror … not just a lighted vanity mirror … but a whole freakin’ Princess Vanity Room of their very own!  I must admit, makes even ME a little jelly …  but I digress.

We received a call this morning from an OC hubby who is building his wife her very own Princess Makeup Room and of course – she needs a lighted vanity desk in there!  

So I sent him these two videos of the desk … 

1.  This is the video of an adorable newbie YouTube guru (well she’s not so newbie anymore, she’s been at it awhile.)  Her hubby created this Tiffany and white looking room for her in New York. 

2.  DASH NYC:  The Kardashians chose two of our Black Broadway desks to complete their VIP makeup area in DASH SoHo.  

Hope this gives you a little fun design inspiration.  Please share your vanity rooms (or desks, corner, etc) with us on Facebook and share your design choices.






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