Be Good To Your Bones

Here was some good info from a newsletter today from my friend, trainer & fellow female entrepreneur Mylene Dane  owner of TRAIN West Hollywood on how important it is to:

Be Good To Your Bones

Did you know that after around age 30, bone mass begins to diminish? And without proper care, our bones can become more brittle and in many cases, lead to bone disease. Make no bones about, maintaining bone health is just as important to our life as breathing is.

See how small changes in your diet can prevent the onset of osteoporosis and other degenerative bone diseases:

Catch some rays: Enjoying the sun not only boosts moods, but nourishes your body with vitamin D that can prevent fractures and is integral in the absorption of calcium.

Befriend fat: Healthy fats are rich in essential fatty acids (nuts, seeds and fatty fish). Their role in calcium and vitamin absorption makes them a key nutrient for bone health.

Sack the sugar: Refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods—think bacon—deplete the bones of calcium and minerals. Instead, replace them with calcium-rich foods and healthy fats.

Get crafty with calcium: Calcium is a critical element to good bone health. Give dairy a break and mix it up with other calcium sources: veggies (cauliflower, sweet potatoes, kale) and seafood (seaweed, soft shell crab, sardines).


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