Vanity Girl Pop Up Beauty Bar at the JetsetSocial::February 26


My passion besides makeup and vanity, is TRAVEL. The opportunity to see new things, and experience other cultures just makes me so happy.  So when I hooked up with the awesome travel site JetsetExtra and became their Hollywood Insider (and Red Carpet Host) – color me lucky!  I love how they have taken such a leadership role in the Social Media travel space, doing things like TV Broadcast quality videos on location (like this one from Africa that just dropped today) – and hello, their latest toy of LIVE STREAMING from events. 

A couple of weeks ago, they held their first annual JetsetSocial and had leaders in the social media travel game having a very candid coversation about how traditional and social media are shaping the way people travel today.

We popped up our Signature Vanity Bar with a little twist.  I came up with my Top 8 Favorite Travel must haves these days, and we staged my friend Indie Lee‘s product.  A crowd favorite was the Lavendar Oil which moisturizes while on a plane, but can also serve as a natural “sleeping pill” so to speak because lavendar is so soothing.

There you have it folks – travel & beauty.  Two of my favorite things.












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