Luxury DC Hotel:: The Hay-Adams goes the extra mile for their VIP guests

We are thrilled that this elegant property chose our Black Starlet when a VIP client requested a lighted makeup mirror as part of their stay.

We received a call from Ritz Carlton a couple of weeks ago for a royal client, Sunset Marquis here in West Hollywood keeps one on deck for a VIP music guest whenever she is in town and the Andaz Sunset Strip chose us for very cool live-photo shoot event they did with GenArt. 

I would love more hotel clients. Next stop, Vegas?!  I’d love see a whole hotel use our lighted makeup mirrors in each room to give each guest to have a backstage moment … 

And Brides?  If you are booking a hotel suite in which to do your hair and makeup before a wedding, demand that they have Vanity Girl lighting for you.  As any hair & makeup team will tell you – lighting is everything and isn’t this THE day to feel like a leading lady?  



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