Twitter Marketing Works


It’s kind of funny how social media marketing works so organically, right …?  

We got a customer service email asking us about our limited edition Pink Starlet Mirrors this morning.  

Since we literally only have one left, I thought “let me put out a quick Tweet about that.”

@LadiesLotto (with whom we have done a couple of fun events with here in LA thanks to @DJCatNYCbaby) retweeted it.

A woman, I’ll call her Shay,  who follows Ladies Lotto just gave us a call, because she is redoing her bedroom and wanted “one of those Hollywood style vanities” … her hubby then asked, “Where would you even GET one of those things?”

She had never even heard of our company.  We love little stories like this … the web really taps into how women buy.  We talk to our friends, we buy socially.  For me it’s very organic and natural since I’m a bit of a Social Butterfly anyway. 

And when I asked Shay if she was on Pinterest – she is!  Which is great because those little pinboards are so visually awesome.  (Thanks to Alexandra from @auxPR for telling me about that!)



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