SMASH your dream: Your Name in Lights with our Black-Vanity-Desk


Did you catch the SMASH premiere on Monday? Well of course you knew we’d love that. A girl pursuing her dreams, and hello, look at the logo. Those are vanity lights if we ever saw them.

Well, we just got a call from a Kentucky girl named Heather who just moved to LA to pursue here dream of becoming a feature film actress. Her apartment had the “crappiest lighting” so she went searching on the net. She didn’t want to spend the money at first on a whole desk (of course, she wants the one like Kim Kardashian’s Vanity in DASH) — but after a couple of weeks of struggling on the floor with her makeup mirror she decided to make the investment.

“It’s like a pair of shoes,” she said. Yes – a very nice pair of Carrie-esque shoes but believe me, we get it too! From the aspiring gurus like @MissMissyBooful out of NYC to Miss Kentucky Heather right here in Hollywood and all points in between … we love that you are making Vanity Girl a part of your dreams. Whatever they are. Fame and fortune or the perfect smokey eye before your Valentine’s Day Date in Ohio (the home of my VERY first customer, Crystal M) …

… ALL Girls deserve a backstage moment.

xoxo – Maxine


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