Dinair & Vanity Girl Hollywood

Pro Workshops
Airbrush Makeup Classes

Immerse yourself for two incredible days in
the ultimate airbrush makeup training



Why your clients want you to take this course.

Who wouldn’t desire the glamorous, flawless complexion you’ll now be able to give them? They’ll love how quickly your airbrushing skills will smooth away lines, cover blemishes and leave them radiantly beautiful and confident. There’s a huge market of customers eager to achieve the same stunning looks the stars of film and television do—perfection that even defies the scrutiny of High Definition!

  • Learn from the World’s Leading Experts.
  • Master a wide range of airbrushing skills.
  • Greatly expand your services to your clients.
  • Profit from lucrative new revenue sources.
  • Become a Certified Dinair Airbrush Makeup Artist.
  • Go on to become a Certified Dinair Instructor.

Why you want to take this course.

It’s the best! Fun. Engaging. Inspiring. An absolute must for attaining the airbrushing proficiency you seek. Come out to North Hollywood, California (or take one of our we-come-to-you courses) for two days of intense, highly rewarding hands-on instruction. The valuable skill set you’ll acquire will add an important new dimension to your beauty education, your employability, or your business—opening the door to a host of profitable income opportunities. Register here.

What you will learn.

Whether you’re a first-timer or desire advanced airbrush makeup training…you’ll make extraordinary strides in your artistry in a minimal amount of time. You’ll be able to:

  • Apply HD-Quality Makeup quickly and skillfully.
  • Use effective camouflage and paramedical techniques.
  • Use stencils for fashion, fantasy and aesthetic effects.
  • Airbrush Moisturizer and Sunscreen protection.
  • Teach others how to apply Dinair makeup to themselves.
  • And much, much more!

Who will teach you.

The originators of airbrush makeup! We’ve set the standard, perfected the art, created the trends, developed the techniques that shaped the industry. And for over 30 years, we’ve been sharing this knowledge and expertise through our professional workshops in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

A truly enriching experience awaits you.

Workshops at our studio in North Hollywood are small, intimate Airbrush Makeup Classes of 8 to 10 people, with several instructors on hand to fully explain, demonstrate and guide you, ensuring you learn the proper airbrushing techniques. You’ll hone your skills by applying foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, and more to yourself and your fellow students. You’ll make lasting friendships and come away with enormous confidence in your new-found abilities!

Set out on this exciting new course. And get certified!

Join students and professionals from more than 60 countries around the world who have been coming to us for decades to learn the acclaimed Dinair Airbrushing Makeup System—the original and the best—that’s been featured in magazines and on TV. You’ll receive an Official Dinair Professional Airbrush Makeup Artist Certificate for display in your workplace. Plus, graduates also qualify to participate in the Dinair Reseller Program. Register for your workshop here.

So celebrity MUA Jeffrey Paul and I headed to the ISSE show in Long Beach Monday and had so much fun. One of the highlights was meeting Dina the founder of Dinair who with her vast experience, manages to be as generous and excited as a girl landing her first beauty gig.

I have the pink leopard air brush system and think I’m going to take a class. I am not a makeup artist – just a makeup junkie who loves her glam but when one of the artist slapped a perfect cat eye with a stencil … I was hooked … 


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