Beauty Editor: From my QVC Beauty Tube

Check out my new Pinterest Board featuring the latest items from my QVC Beauty Tube. If you’ve always wanted to feel like a Beauty Editor – this is a fun way to do it. It’s like XMas or your Birthday!

Beauty picks at the GBK Oscar gift suite – Hollywood Beauty Examiner


I’m the Hollywood Beauty Examiner (yay!) It’s a new beat for me, but seemed a natural fit because really, what else do I talk about all day long anyway. And I had to use a photo of my friend Wendy, the fantastic self-proclaimed Sarcanista who is best known for her recent role on Bridesmaids. Enjoy! And if you have a product, salon or spa that helps get the Hollywood beauties gorgeous – let me know on Twitter @VanityGirl.

the fabulous file: Vanity Girl


We loved this article from beauty expert, host, blogger and all around cuteness from the Sindulge launch event. As you will read, she didn’t quite understand when I was talking about my “money shot” but basically, @jennifercchan mastered it above.

It goes something like this: look in the vanity, slick on some gloss with a hint of a smile and have someone shoot you from your right side so you can’t see them in the mirror. Wowza! Insta-old Hollywood Glam.

If you have a vanity, please try it! We kind of mastered it at Sundance … upload them to our Facebook or Twitter.

Makeup Geek Video Review

Check us out on Marlena aka Makeup Geek’s video at the 9 minute mark. It’s a long haul (get it? Long haul? As in video?) OK, I’m a #vanitygeek. At any rate, we just got a call from a professional makeup artists from Florida who just saw this video. We love that the YouTube videos have such a long life! And we only have 4 pink vanities left, so if you want one, call us. We rarely carry the color anymore 888-588-4086. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.





White Lighted Makeup Stand

We got a call from an Assistant Director today in Atlanta who was seaching high and low for this makeup tool for a popular talk show.  She found us.  She’s interested in the Glossy White Vanity – so I’m shooting off this video to her of newbie NYC guru and her lovely vanity room.