Vanity Girl Hollywood Broadway Mirror in Silver – YouTube

Here’s a User Video (they are my favorite) of our Silver Broadway lighted Vanity Mirror. Thanks @rasberryvelvetkitty … we also love that three panel mirror you have going to the left


Eat :: Freshies in South Lake Tahoe


After our Snow Play day at Adventure Mountain, Tisa hit Yelp and found this random little gem. One of the yelpers warned that it was in a funky little strip mall (and it is), but it kind of adds to the charm.

It reminded me of a restaurant we went to in Phuket which felt like you were eating in someone’s home. I ordered a plate lunch of kalua pork and the heart of palm salad. I must admit, the kalua pork isn’t quite what i’m used to – but my brother’s ribs were awesome and my heart of palm salad was great (Tisa’s crunchy salad looked really good too). We then split a coffee mud pie (I’m sorry, I don’t remember the exact name), but it was really good.

It’s a charming hole-in-the-wall type of place, with home cooking.