Birkin Notepad?


Have you ever been guilty of Status-Symbol purse abuse?  I must admit, my vintage Louis Vuitton I scored in Paris is my daily run-around-town purse (and it’s definitely got wear and tear on it now)  …. and a friend of mine once put a hot dog (ketchup, mustard and all) in her vintage Gucci … but in general I tend to treasure my nicer bags.

What about YOU?  What’s the worst thing you’ve done to your pricey satchels? 


Perfect Backstage Mirrors for Canadian Show


Our team just got a call from a traveling hypnosis show in Canada. They are building out their backstage area and needed lighted mirrors. AC told me that he liked ours because everything else he looked at just “wasn’t beautiful.” Thanks! Yeah – Kourtney & Kim Take NY just showed theirs again in a scene with her celebrity MUA Joyce Bonnelli – so we think it’s beautiful too.

And speaking of celebrity MUA’s – I’m getting new headshots tomorrow and how lucky am I that celebrity/Vogue/Bollywood MUA extraordinaire Jeffrey Paul said he would do my makeup.  Lucky girl indeed.

xo – M